Ben Cooper

Native Cajun (Lafayette, LA) that has lived in Texas for 10+ years.

Husband to Jess.

Dad to Grant and Lauren.

EVP at Camelot.

Avid cyclist and advocate for all things cycling in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Member of the ThinkFinance Racing team.

LSU football fanatic.

Best way to reach me is ben.cooper@gmail.com

10 responses to “About

  1. Hey Ben. Great blog. I’ll keep checking back in! How’s life in Texas?


  2. Wow this is a dynamic blog looking fwd to following your adventures!
    Yours in Creating a better Life.
    Killer Kelly

  3. Hi Ben,

    Great blog! I started riding this year after 12 years off and the post about your riding/racing progression reminded me that it’s possible if you just keep working at it!

  4. Hey Ben, great blog! I’m motivated to knock some dust off my bikes and get back on the road!! Angelo

  5. I can’t help wondering how the new cultural district parking fees and garage construction will impact the state crits. Any discussions on that?

  6. Hi Ben from Australia
    see that u rode up to the Madonna del Ghisallo climb in Bellagio last year. Iwill be there in July and want to hire a bike. Do u have the contact details/email for the bike shop in Bellagio.

    Cheers Roger

    • The shop in Bellagio didn’t have an email address. It’s tucked in one of the allies that go from the water up to the main road. They don’t have any road bikes for rent, but had a couple moutain bike/hybrids. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single bike shop on Lake Como (that I could find) that rents road bikes.

  7. Michael Mitchell

    Hi. I am new to cycling, but I must say I love it. Something in your review of Sram Red caught my eye. I have been wondering about renting good road bikes while traveling (e.g. riding in southern Florida in the winter). You mentioned you rent bikes. How do you go about finding places that would rent good road bikes (not just beat up single-speeds or hybrids). Thanks.

    • Pretty simple. I Google for bike shops in the area and just start calling to see if they have rental bikes; and if so, what kind. But those days are behind me since I bought my Ritchey Break-Away travel bike.

  8. Hey Ben, loved your post from Oct 2011 about world’s fastest bike. I’m going to post about it at http://bicycling.about.com. It’ll be up on the home page on Thursday. Best to you and happy riding.

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