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Fastest bike ever?

Frenchman José Meiffret rode this beast over 200 kph in 1962. The bike had a monstrous 130 tooth chain with a 15 tooth sprocket (225 gear inches)! The frame was reinforced and the rims were made of wood to resist overheating. All-in-all the beauty above weighed 45 lbs.

His record was accomplished riding behind a Mercedes with a fairing on the back (to reduce the wind resistance). Still, Meiffert had to maintain a cadence of 180 rpm to hit the kilo record.

You can read the full story about his record here. You also have to give him big style points – how cool is the jersey he wore (above).

When you don’t have enough space for a bike stand AND a desk

The "PIT IN" bike stand and desk

I’m thinking about getting one of these for my office. If I face it towards the window, then I can at least sit on my bike while I work and “pretend” that I’m really out riding.

Thanks Jeff & What’s a PDC?

I started this blog 3.5 years ago with few expectations. I was a writer in high school and college and thought this blog would be a good outlet to “exercise” my prose and also share my journey as a new cyclist. The blog has grown more popular than I ever imagined based on the success of posts like my SRAM Red review, VO2 max testing, comparing top speeds on a bicycle and the now infamous Little Known Facts About Jens Voigt.

The blog has actually gotten so big that I regularly have 10,000+ readers a month and often exceed 25,000 readers/month during the Tour de France. However, you might have noticed that the posts lately have been few and far between. I’ve been pretty busy lately with work, family, etc. I haven’t had a lot of inspiration to post either since I’ve only ridden 3 times in all of 2011 (3, 1-hour rides on the single speed cross bike to be more specific).   I took a shorter break this summer, but this time it’s been 2+ months, which is big for me considering that I rode 10,000+ miles in each of the last 2 years. So is this the beginning of a “Dear John” letter where I’m announcing that I won’t be blogging anymore?

No. Quite the contrary.

I received a great email this weekend from a regular reader named Jeff. His story is much like mine and other PDCs (Professional-Daddy-Cyclists) out there. Jeff caught the cycling bug a couple of years ago but is about to attempt a “comeback” after a layoff due to work, a new baby, etc. Reading my posts reminded Jeff that other PDCs have been through the same thing before and that it’s OK to not ride, because the “C” in PDC is last for a reason – despite being “professionals” . . . none of us get paid to ride a bike.

Jeff reminded me that the visitor numbers I see on the WordPress traffic dashboard aren’t just numbers, they’re people, likely PDCs, looking for answers to questions, inspiration or a laugh.

So I promise to post more often and share the journey of this PDC.

Thanks Jeff