Rapha and Strava deliver an early gift . . . The Rapha Festive 500

It’s not secret that I loved the Rapha Turkey Takeoff Challenge on Strava.com.  I was really hoping that they would do more Strava challenges in the future. Well, I didn’t have to wait long. Friday kicks off the Rapha Festive 500, which gives Strava users from Dec. 23 – Dec. 31 to ride 500 km (about 311 miles).

Peter and I are already planning a big ride for Friday to start the event right. In a tribute to Seinfeld we will:

  • Start the ride with “airing of grievances”
  • Perform “feats of strength” on the bicycle (maybe attack a Strava KOM or two?)
  • Include a Festivus Miracle (maybe a flat-free-ride)

I don’t have a Festivus Pole, but maybe we’ll finish the ride with a spin up Flag Pole Hill. Happy Festivus everyone!

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