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ThinkCash Halloween Video

Every quarter at ThinkCash we have a company “town hall” meeting. It’s a chance for senior management to discuss performance, future goals, the industry, etc. with all employees. It is also a chance for us to recognize outstanding performers and celebrate some of our successes. A few town halls ago I produced an opening, funny (or try to be funny) video to help break the ice. It went over really well and the video has become a bigger production with each iteration. The last one was a tribute to the 80s. This time the theme was easy. Town Hall is today, on Halloween, so a horror movie theme made sense.

Kevin and I worked on the script and then I directed and produced the video. This was the first time I actually put myself in one of our videos (no Oscar for me). The video is kind of a mash-up of The Office, Scary Movie and’s Phantom of the Office.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween.

ThinkCash Marketing Team – Halloween Homage to The Karate Kid

Karate Kid Fight Scene - "Sweep the leg"

Karate Kid Fight Scene - So the marketing team at ThinkCash decided to go with a "Karate Kid" theme for Halloween. I think we nailed it. Big props to Michelle for an excellent Mr. Myagi.The fight scene

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai

Training with Mr. Myagi

Training with Mr. Myagi

Whassup with the election?

Last week I posted about an ad campaign that I like. One of the most memorable campaigns from the last 10 years was Bud’s “Whassup?” guys. The commercials were based on a short film, entitled “True”, written and directed by Charles Stone III, that featured Stone and several of his childhood friends – Fred Thomas, Paul Williams, Terry Williams, and Kevin Lofton.

The guys “got the band back together” recently for one more video (see above). The “characters” are back to show what their lives are like now (8 years later) post-G.W. Bush. Without giving away the ending – the video basically calls for political change by voting for Obama.

Obama has managed to inspire people unlike any political candidate I’ve seen in a while. However, I worry a little bit that people think that a new President will be the solution to all of our problems. There are no “silver bullets” in life. I’ve preached this throughout my professional career – there is no single marketing channel or campaign that will solve everything. Similarly, no Presidential candidate is going to solve all of our country’s problems. It is going to take a lot of hard work and cooperation at every level. I hope that all of the passionate supporters out there (people donating lots of their time and effort to both campaigns) will remain active in government throughout the next 4 years, because that’s what we need to make real change.

What if everything in life was more literal? A-Ha’s “Take On Me”: Literal Video Version

As a member of the MTV generation (I remember when MTV was still all music videos instead of bad semi-reality-show-contests) I have found memories of A-Ha’s “Take On Me”. Regardless of how you felt about the song, you had to admit that the video was pretty cool (and revolutionary for the time). However, the video’s storyline never made much sense . . . until now. With the literal translation it suddenly makes sense – you gotta love a pipe wrench fight. Enjoy.

Ads That I Like – Holiday Inn Express

I don’t just play a marketing/advertising guy on TV, that’s actually my real job – the job that pays the bills (from reading this blog you could get confused and think that I get paid to write about pop culture or ride my bike). I’ve never worked at an agency, but I’ve produced lots of spots over the years and I really enjoy the creative process. Figured I would start sharing some of my favorite spots from time-to-time.

I like the Holiday Inn Express campaign that Fallon created. However, this spot really stands out. Gotta love the pseudo-nerdy-Eminem-like-marketing guy.

Mark Wahlberg – Say hello to your mother for me . . . again. Also, Entourage is back on track.

So last week I posted about the great sketch SNL did poking fun at Mark Wahlberg. Well, apparently Wahlberg was not a fan of the impression.

Wahlberg first criticized Andy Samberg’s “Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals” sketch of him a week ago, and Thursday told Jimmy Kimmel he wanted to “crack his big f’in nose”.  Apparently it was all a set-up for Wahlberg to promote his new film Max Payne as he stopped by SNL last night. In the Palin-starring monologue he stopped by asking Lorne Michaels where Samberg’s dressing room was, “Are you going to make me bust your head in too? Because I will.”

Several skits later he creeped up on Samberg and claimed the impression was nothing like him, all while speaking just like Samberg’s Wahlberg (including talking to a donkey). All-in-all it was pretty funny and a smart move, considering this episode had some of SNL’s highest ratings every with Palin’s appearance.

So why the Google screengrab above? Well, if you type in “say hello to your mother for me” in Google, my previous post is the fourth result. As my ThinkCash colleague Mike S. would say, “that means you have mad-SEO-juice”. You would be amazed how many people have discovered my blog today by typing in that somewhat random phrase.

On a side note, I want to apologize to Mark Wahlberg about my previous comments on Entourage. #1 because I don’t want him to show up at my office to punch me in the face. But, #2 (and more importantly) because Entourage was really good last night. First time I’ve laughed out-loud during any episode this season. Also like the interesting new plot twist. I’m just going to pretend that the “Shrooms” episode just never happened.

Mark Wahlberg – Fix Entourage and “say hello to your mother for me”

I’m not sure why I find this video so hilarious, but I do. Andy Samberg nails Mark Wahlberg’s voice. I think part of why I like the clip so much is because I’m angry about the current season of Entourage. For a couple years now, Entourage has been my favorite TV show, but this year it may have “jumped the shark“. I hate to say it, and hope the show comes around, but it has definitely lost it’s “IT” this year. Seems like too much focus now on the day-to-day business of getting a movie made, instead of the development of the characters’ relationships. The movie business used to be the canvas for the show – not it seems like the paint. [On a side note: I may have been an extra on an episode of Entourage, since I was at Sundance the year they filmed the Aquaman episodes working for Blockbuster Online. We actually saw some of the shoots].

So as the sketch says:

“You eat apples right? I produce Entourage . . . say hello to your mother for me!”