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Summertime fun office pranks – the foiled cube

foiled office cube 1

It’s that time of year in the ThinkCash offices – so when you go on vacation there is a good chance you will get pranked. You might get “peanuted” or “Hasselhoffed“, but this time the team went with the classic cube foiling.

foiled office cube 2

This was a pretty thorough job including umbrellas, coins, . . .

foiled office cube 3

and even the Kleenex box and tissues. I also thought the empty aluminum foil containers in the trash can was a nice touch.

Goodbye Corley- the Hoff is back


So today was Corley’s last day (our intern). We sent her off in style with a little gift from “The Hoff” (he and Corley have a history). Since Corley is moving to Dallas we decided to give her a box full of $1 bills – fitting since ThinkCash is the leader in emergency cash. Hopefully she will use the money wisely – buying new furniture for her apartment or business books to further her professional education – not spending it on men with lots of chest hair and a perm.

“Revenge is SWEET!” . . . now in video

For the background on this little ThinkCash office prank, read my previous post here. The best part of the video is at the 1:20 mark . . . Stephen was a good sport.

Revenge is SWEET!

full cube 

Don’t mess with the marketing team at ThinkCash was the message today. One of our co-workers played a little prank on us last week while we were at an off-site meeting (hanging funny signs on our offices/cubes). So today we thought it was only fair to return the favor.

marketing ninja

Our marketing ninja filling the cube of our unsuspecting co-worker.

cube sign

You know what they say – payback is a B%&*$. Seriously, it’s great to work at a place like ThinkCash where everyone works hard, but isn’t afraid to take a moment to have a little fun. If you would like to replicate this prank in your office, it isn’t cheap. You’ll need about $250 worth of Styrofoam peanuts; alternatively, you can be frugal (like us) by repackaging the peanuts and returning them to The UPS Store for a refund 😉

See the video of this prank here.