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I’m in love! An open letter to Trek Bicycles about the new District Carbon

Trek District Carbon

Following a tradition started by Fat Cyclist, below is my open letter to Trek about my desire to have a 2010 Trek District Carbon.

Dear Trek,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ben Cooper and besides writing this blog, working a demanding job and being a father/husband – I am also a roadie. I don’t use the term  “roadie” lightly. I rode over 10,000 miles on my bicycles last year and will probably do that again this year. I love all things cycling:

  • I love to talk about bikes – based on my influence 10% of all conversations around our office center on bikes. In fact, my company now sponsors a local cycling team.
  • I love to ride bikes – I’ve gone from never riding further than 9 miles to riding 250+ miles per week.
  • I love to use my bike riding for good – raising almost $12,000 for LIVESTRONG and over $5,000 for MS, and Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.

So you might be asking yourself why am I writing to you? I can sum it up in two words . . . District Carbon.  I saw pictures of the District Carbon bike above and instantly fell in love. I got the “single speed” bug last year and haven’t looked back. There is something very primitive, but very satisfying about riding with one gear.

However, there’s been one problem. I own a very nice (sorry, it’s not a Trek) carbon race bike. I’ve grown accustomed to the benefits that a lightweight carbon frame and nice wheels can provide. So why is that a problem? Because a high-performance carbon single speed didn’t exist . . . until now!

The bike only weighs 11.5lbs!

The bike only weighs 11.5lbs!

What I’m asking for

So by now you probably know where this is headed. I would like for you to send me a Carbon District. Why should you send me a Carbon District?

  • This blog has grown (to my amazement) over the years. It now reaches 10,000+ roadies every month looking for product reviews and cycling stories.
  • This blog was also featured in the greatest cycling magazine on the planet – ROAD (highlighting my Little Known Facts About Jens Voigt).
  • I’ve convinced countless other riders (well, actually 7 riders) to also purchase single speed bikes and learn the pure joy of hammering with just one gear.

But I’m not asking you to send me a free bike, on no.

Here’s what I’ll do

  • A thorough review on this blog of the District Carbon with updates as I learn the subtle nuisances of the bike.
  • I’ll document (via my blog and video) how the Carbon District can be the ultimate, PERFORMANCE, commuter bike. If you’re going to ride a bike to work, a single speed makes a lot of sense for the sake of simplicity. But why ride some slow, steel, track frame when you can ride a performance-oriented, carbon bike that can shave minutes off the daily commute. The fact that my pants won’t get dirty from a conventional chain is a bonus.
  • I will also ride the bike in a LIVESTRONG Challenge  (riding the longest distance available) and guarantee to raise at least $5,000 towards the fight against cancer.

Clearly this is a win-win for all parties involved. I win because my wife won’t divorce me for buying another bicycle and Trek wins because of the huge buzz my posts are sure to create for the District Carbon.

Look forward to hearing from you,


New Team for Lance Armstrong in 2010 – Team RadioShack

Team RadioShack and Lance Armstrong

It’s official, Lance Armstrong will ride for at least one more year and with a new team . . . Team RadioShack!

There have been rumors swirling for months, but most of the rumors involved the Livestrong foundation and Nike as the title sponsors of a new Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel led team. The RadioShack sponsorship comes as a huge surprise and is a bold move for the electronics retailer.

Apparently RadioShack will also sponsor the Livestrong Foundation’s signature fundraising event, the Livestrong Challenge Series, a 5K run/walk and cycling ride held in four cities throughout the United States, providing support for an ongoing, self-sustaining fundraising vehicle to raise money for the fight against cancer. The Livestrong Challenge is actually the event that originally got me into cycling.

RadioShack’s corporate HQ is just down the street here in Fort Worth, so I’m always available if the team needs suggestions for training rides while visiting the “suits” 🙂