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Goodbye Corley- the Hoff is back


So today was Corley’s last day (our intern). We sent her off in style with a little gift from “The Hoff” (he and Corley have a history). Since Corley is moving to Dallas we decided to give her a box full of $1 bills – fitting since ThinkCash is the leader in emergency cash. Hopefully she will use the money wisely – buying new furniture for her apartment or business books to further her professional education – not spending it on men with lots of chest hair and a perm.

You’ve been Hasselhoff’d


So our resident marketing intern, Corley, is graduating this week from TCU. Corley has been a great addition to the team and we will truly miss her (she’s moving on to bigger-and-better things in Dallas). However, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to prank her one last time. Corley called in late this morning because she needs to pass by campus to “pick up her tassles”. So we had time to “Hasselhoff” Corley’s cube.

We’ve had some pretty good office pranks at ThinkCash (proving that we are the leaders in emergency loans and office fun). However, this may be the most disturbing.

disturbing hasselhoff photo

I grew-up watching Knight Rider, so you would think that I have an affinity for David Hasselhoff; however, I draw the line at posing nude with Pugs. Seriously, Hasselhoff has become a parody, of a parody, of himself over the years – making Corley’s cube a truly scary place.

Farewell Corley . . . never stop watching The Office. . . and don’t forget about your Hasselhoff’ing friends in Fort Worth.