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Obama’s Secret Service convoy is packing serious heat

Watching a reporter easily attack Bush with two shoes made me realize just how vulnerable the president is in most situations. I know the Secret Service is very good and that every possible precaution is taken to ensure the safety of the president. However, as I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama on CNN.com the same thought popped up. How safe is one of the most important president’s of our generation?

Well, the video above calmed some of my fears. This is a promotional video for the company that builds the Secret Service’s Yukon XLs that follow the presidential limo.  Specifically, the Dillon M134D Gatling Gun, a six barreled, electrically driven machine gun capable of firing 4,000 rounds per minute. That’s not a typo . . . it fires 4,000 bullets per MINUTE. Potential evil doers beware.

Whassup with the election?

Last week I posted about an ad campaign that I like. One of the most memorable campaigns from the last 10 years was Bud’s “Whassup?” guys. The commercials were based on a short film, entitled “True”, written and directed by Charles Stone III, that featured Stone and several of his childhood friends – Fred Thomas, Paul Williams, Terry Williams, and Kevin Lofton.

The guys “got the band back together” recently for one more video (see above). The “characters” are back to show what their lives are like now (8 years later) post-G.W. Bush. Without giving away the ending – the video basically calls for political change by voting for Obama.

Obama has managed to inspire people unlike any political candidate I’ve seen in a while. However, I worry a little bit that people think that a new President will be the solution to all of our problems. There are no “silver bullets” in life. I’ve preached this throughout my professional career – there is no single marketing channel or campaign that will solve everything. Similarly, no Presidential candidate is going to solve all of our country’s problems. It is going to take a lot of hard work and cooperation at every level. I hope that all of the passionate supporters out there (people donating lots of their time and effort to both campaigns) will remain active in government throughout the next 4 years, because that’s what we need to make real change.