New Cervelo S5 aero road bike

Cervelo has just launched a new aero road bike (just in time for the Tour de France) and it looks pretty amazing. It’s called the Cervelo S5 (previous code name for the bike was FM70) and here are the stats:

  • Frame weight is only 990 grams. That’s very light for an aero road frame and about 80 grams lighter than a Cervelo S3.
  • Frameset is $3,800
  • A complete bike with Dura Ace Di2 is $9,000
  • A complete bike with Ultegra Di2 is $6,000!

$6,000 may sound like a lot of money for a bike (it is), but for this frame, with electronic shifting . . . it’s a pretty incredible package.


According to Cervelo’s wind tunnel testing, the S5 will save a rider 32 watts at ~25 mph over a conventional road bike. That’s a huge savings, which increase as your speed increases.  Grab a S5 with some Zipp 808 wheels and you have the ultimate wind-cheating-road-machine.  Let’s hope the Gamin-Cervelo Team can give the bike a good showing at the Tour – only 3 more days till TdF goodness!

2 responses to “New Cervelo S5 aero road bike

  1. Man, it’s good to see you back at it Coop! I missed my gear reviews…dang appendicitis.

  2. Saw this the other night and couldn’t stop drooling. Phil and Gerard (and the rest of the cervelo crew) have outdone themselves again.

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