Signs of improvement . . . Strava motivation

My road to recovery showed some signs of improvement this weekend. I rode with my PowerTap for the first time in months (first time post-surgery). I did a pretty easy ride, but decided to “open up the legs” on two separate, one minute climbs in Fort Worth. According to Strava, I set new personal bests on both climbs (averaging about 530 watts).  More importantly, I took back the Strava KOM on Rogers Rd. (see above), from my good friend Anthony.  Strava is a great motivational tool and I plan to use it that way as I ride my way back in shape.




2 responses to “Signs of improvement . . . Strava motivation

  1. Glad to see your getting better. I really enjoy reading your blog so it would have been a shame if your cycling days were ended by illness. keep up the good work!

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