Fastest bike ever?

Frenchman José Meiffret rode this beast over 200 kph in 1962. The bike had a monstrous 130 tooth chain with a 15 tooth sprocket (225 gear inches)! The frame was reinforced and the rims were made of wood to resist overheating. All-in-all the beauty above weighed 45 lbs.

His record was accomplished riding behind a Mercedes with a fairing on the back (to reduce the wind resistance). Still, Meiffert had to maintain a cadence of 180 rpm to hit the kilo record.

You can read the full story about his record here. You also have to give him big style points – how cool is the jersey he wore (above).

4 responses to “Fastest bike ever?

  1. Don’t forget that John Howard smashed this.

  2. Imagine the hills you could climb if the gears were reversed.

  3. Thanks for the link. The original is a fantastic story.

  4. Here is a link to a cool video covering this. (in French)

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