Race Report – Horse Country Time Trials

Last weekend I rode in the Horse Country Time Trials in Aubrey, TX.  This is a 20K TT series that runs 3 or 4 times a year. This was my first time on this course and only my 3rd time trial ever (the other two being the 39.5K TT in Mineral Wells last summer and the 6 hour Texas Time Trials in Sept.).

I rode my Kuota K-Factor with Flashpoint FP60 wheels. My rear Flashpoint has a PowerTap hub, so I ordered a disc cover from Wheelbuilder.com to make it a disc wheel. This was also my first time racing in a skinsuit, which definitely makes you feel more aero. I wore my LG TT helmet, shoe covers and I glued my number own, so no excuses for not being aero.

Got to the race in plenty of time, visited with my teammates, set-up the rollers to warm-up and counted down the minutes to my start.

The winds were pretty rough (20 mph) so I knew the way out would be fast, but the return trip would be brutal. I was right – averaged 30.3 mph and  270 watts at the turnaround, but finished in 29:30 (good for 5th) at 25.2 mph and 280 watts for the 20K. So I did a pretty good job of pacing myself and putting in a negative split from a power output perspective. My normalized power was 311 watts, which shows how deceptively hilly the course was.

Next up is the Mineral Wells TT in June and then the state championships in August.

2 responses to “Race Report – Horse Country Time Trials

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  2. What pads do you use with your FP’s? What year are yours? I’m thinking about getting a 2 year old set that have 2 rides on them.

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