Long road ahead . . .

Probably noticed I haven’t been posting much lately. Well, I haven’t been riding or racing much either. I’ve basically been off the bike for the last month due to:

  • Work travel
  • Snow/weather (very unusual winter for Fort Worth)
  • Sickness (got a crazy sinus infection I couldn’t shake)

Been back on the trainer this week and it’s been pretty rough. Very depressing to lose lots of hard-earned-fitness, but . . . c’est la vie. I’ve got some more work and personal travel coming up, plus some family commitments, so looks like I’ll miss a couple of races I was really looking forward to doing – Fort Davis, Mineral Wells Stage Race, etc. 

The new plan?

  • Hit it again, hard.
  • Get ready for the sufferfest that is going to be the ThinkCash company rides on Tuesday nights.
  • Target the State TT championships, defend my Texas Time Trial Championship and do the State Championship road race and any other new races that pop-up on the calendar and look interesting.

Should also have some interesting stuff soon to report on my ALCAT test results and coming up with my ultimate-athletic-performance-diet-plan. Might also do another threshold test soon to see just how much power I lost on my month off.

One response to “Long road ahead . . .

  1. I know what you mean, it’s been a rough winter. The trainer is a harsh mistress. You never know, a little break may have actually done you some good. You’ve got a great base, you’ll be back in no time. Good luck, see you on the streets!

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