Uggh . . . No Leadville for me in 2010

I’ve been constantly checking my email box all week, hoping to get the “yippee” email from the Leadville 100 MTB organizers (as opposed to the “yippee” postcards they previously mailed to lottery winners). Well, I got an email from Leadville today, but not the one I wanted.

Now for Plan B . . .

4 responses to “Uggh . . . No Leadville for me in 2010

  1. Sorry to hear you did not get in. I was looking forward to following your training. What is Plan B?

  2. same here, was hoping to watch your progress for it.

  3. Sorry to hear you did not get in. My wife and bike store owner were wanting to get in and sort of train together. I am slower but could get in a lot of fun miles thought. He got in, she did not. We have friends, hubby and wife that put in, she got in, he did not. I think this was very poorly handled. Why could you not put your name in with one or two others and all or none were in. What if you and a travel, training friend wanted to do this event, one got in the other did not. Seems like there could be some way to handle this rather than cater to all the big names, building the race and then dumping all the average people that have actually made the ride over the years. Sorry to vent on your site but was wondering if you have any other stories such as this or know of a site where I can visit to hear if other complaints or we are the only ones.

  4. Ben,
    I’m also sorry that you didn’t get the response that you had hoped for. -Mom

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