Threshold test results – what’s my watts?


This morning I did my first threshold test of the season, which was also:

  • My first interval (or any focused intensity) since about Sept.
  • First time on a CompuTrainer
  • First time using my new PowerTap and Edge 500 on a trainer

Several members of the ThinkCash crew are working with a coach/trainer with a heavy emphasis on CompuTrainer workouts and regular threshold testing to check their progress. Their usual test consist of a flat 3 mile TT on the CompuTrainer (basically following the Carmichael Training Systems field test protocol). Their coach was nice enough to let me come in and use one of the CompuTrainers to do the field test. Truthfully, I think the crew just wanted me to do the field test on the CompuTrainer as a measuring stick (so everyone can compare their results to each other, have something to shoot for, etc.).

Lap 4 was my 3 mile TT test

You’ll see I averaged an incredible 60 mph+ on the test! Unfortunately I didn’t have the right wheel size setting on the Garmin so my HR & power data is good, but the distance and speed are off. I averaged 335 watts for the test; however, the CompuTrainer indicated 321 watts (which makes since because it is measuring power at the tire instead of the hub). When I loaded the data into TrainingPeaks it showed 340 watts for the test . . . I’m going to use the 335 for my calculations.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results for this early in the season.  I’ve ridden with my PowerCranks in lieu of any intervals for the last 3 weeks and I can say that I felt a difference on the test today. It might be placebo effect, but my legs seemed to “burn” less during the test than previous interval efforts. Considering my avg. HR was 188, I was definitely working hard, but I felt less exhaustion in my legs than normal . . . hope this is a positive sign for my PowerCranks training. Also, I wasn’t doing a 5 minute test, but my best 5 minutes from this test was better than my previous best (331) when I trained with a PowerMeter in 2008.

According to Hunter Allen’s power profile chart above, my results put me in the “very good”/Cat 2 range for both 60 minute and 5 minute watts per kilogram; however, as I’ve written before, watts per kilogram don’t mean much in Texas racing.  Think I’ll keep focusing on the PowerCranks for the rest of January and then start to add some structured interval workouts – Fort Davis is only 3 months away.

The only problem now is that Kevin D. has a carrot when he does his testing next week. I told him I’ll buy him a box of Clif Bars (his choice of flavor) if he does 350 watts.

4 responses to “Threshold test results – what’s my watts?

  1. 350 or bust! I hope my Road Machine power curve isn’t far off – they say it’s +/- 3%.

  2. Dude I don’t have the LT for a HR of 188Avg the most I could muster is 172avg…you were working hard.

  3. nice drawing, but why are both legs down while they are still clipped in? Placebo effect from PowerCranks?

  4. is the drawing a placebo effect from the PowerCranks?

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