First trip with the Ritchey BreakAway travel bike


I just got back from my first trip with the Ritchey BreakAway and I must say, it was a huge success. The good folks at Fort Worth Cycling helped me with the build:  

  • Rtichey BreakAway frame
  • Ritchey Logic white bars, stem and seatpost
  • Fizik Arionne saddle
  • Fizik dual bar tape
  • SRAM Rival group
  • My old Mavic Ksyrium wheels
  • Continental GP4000 tires (in matching blue for the style points).
  • Look Keo pedals

All-in the bike weighs ~ 18 pounds, not bad for a steel travel bike.  

The BreakAway in it's travel bag


The bike packed surprisingly easy and I had plenty of extra room to put my bike clothes, bottles, food, etc. in the bag. However, I would not include anything easily breakable like your helmet in the bag (I speak from experience) since the bag is a soft side.  

Check-in with the bag on American Airlines posed no problems (no additional charge). They even put a “priority” tag on the bag so it was the first off the plane when I arrived in San Francisco. After some business meetings in San Francisco and Palo Alto – Kevin, Ken and I were able to squeeze in a couple rides in Palo Alto (all 3 of us bought BreakAways). Assembling the bike was easy (probably 15-20 minutes) and it was SO nice not having to worry about finding a shop that rents bikes, a car that could carry a bike, etc. Just brough the bag up to my room, assembled it, and rolled out the hotel lobby.  


Day 1 we put the bikes to test by doing a 50 mile loop that included the famous Old La Honda Road climb in Woodside.  This was my first time on Old La Honda, but managed to finish the 3.3 mile climb in 19:30, which isn’t bad on a steel travel bike!  


On Day 2 we decided to really put the bikes’ bottom-bracket-coupler to the test by tackling the “Ring of Fire” loop in Palo Alto. It’s a short loop (~33 miles) but has some insanely steep climbs. The Los Trancos Rd./Ramona Rd. climb is particularly painful and something like 12%+ for a mile. I think Kevin literally cursed the engineers that built the road – In his words as we caught our breadth at the top, “that was ridiculous!”  I definitely wished for my stiffer, lighter, carbon race bike on those climbs, but the Ritchey’s got us to the top – and down – safely and with a big smile on my face.  

I took my time breaking the bike down (cleaned it good, etc.) and was able to get it fully packed in less than 30 minutes (could easily shave off 10-15 minutes if I was in a hurry). This is going to dramatically improve business travel for me. I just wish I had bought one sooner so I could have taken it to Europe last summer for the Tour.

2 responses to “First trip with the Ritchey BreakAway travel bike

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  2. Nice post, I have recently purchased a Breakaway (cross) as well, can pack or unpack it well under 20min. Can’t believe I didn’t think of buying it before!

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