Countdown to the Texas Time Trials

Texas Time Trials

The Texas Time Trials are rapidly approaching and I’m starting to get pretty exicted. This is a very cool event that has:

  • 26.5 mile TT
  • 6 hour TT
  • 12 hour TT
  • 24 hour TT
  • 48 hour TT
  • 500 mile TT

Texas Time Trials course

That’s right, some folks will be riding on their bike for 500 miles, on a very hill (1,500 ft. of climbing per loop) 26.5 mile course. It’s tough enough that it is a qualifier for RAAM (Race Across America).

I’m not that crazy, so I’m competing in the 6 hour TT (although most of my teammates think I’m crazy for wanting to do a 6 hour TT). I actually pre-rode the course last weekend with a couple of teammates on my road bike. After much deliberation with my cycling crew, I think I’m going to compete on my TT bike (Kuota K-Factor). However, I have a “secret weapon” that I hope to post about soon.

So what’s my goal for a 6 hour TT? I think it’s going to take 120 miles to win my category. However, the loops are 26.5 miles. What gives? If you start a lap before the 6 hour cut-off, that last lap is a pro-rated lap. That means you need to ride the full 26.5 mile loop even if only 5 miles of it is going to count. I’m banking on riding 5 laps, or 132.5 miles no matter what. There’s no support for the event (other than your own crew), so I’ll be “crewing” for myself out of an ice chest on the side of the road at the start/finish line. Need to do a little math this weekend to decide just how many bottles, ClifBars, etc. I need to bring. The short answer – LOTS!

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