New Team for Lance Armstrong in 2010 – Team RadioShack

Team RadioShack and Lance Armstrong

It’s official, Lance Armstrong will ride for at least one more year and with a new team . . . Team RadioShack!

There have been rumors swirling for months, but most of the rumors involved the Livestrong foundation and Nike as the title sponsors of a new Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel led team. The RadioShack sponsorship comes as a huge surprise and is a bold move for the electronics retailer.

Apparently RadioShack will also sponsor the Livestrong Foundation’s signature fundraising event, the Livestrong Challenge Series, a 5K run/walk and cycling ride held in four cities throughout the United States, providing support for an ongoing, self-sustaining fundraising vehicle to raise money for the fight against cancer. The Livestrong Challenge is actually the event that originally got me into cycling.

RadioShack’s corporate HQ is just down the street here in Fort Worth, so I’m always available if the team needs suggestions for training rides while visiting the “suits” 🙂

3 responses to “New Team for Lance Armstrong in 2010 – Team RadioShack

  1. Eric Cavenaux

    Lance is and always will be a great champion and a leader; simply because he has been in the fight first hand. My family looks forward to learning more about Team Radioshack. Team Radioshack will be well supported.

  2. After thinking about it, I think this is a smart move by Radio Shack. Their brand is a little stale and they needed to do something bold. It would make even more sense if they had a bigger international presence.

  3. Radio Shack is such an outdated brand name (a bit like Sunglass Hat). Both sound very downmarket.
    In Canada Radio Shack changed its name to “The Source” – not great but certainly an improvement over Radio Shack.

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