TOMS shoes review – great post bike ride shoe

TOMS shoes

I recently ordered a pair of TOMS shoes. You’ve probably seen the AT&T Wireless  commercial that features TOMS (they give a free pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair sold).  These shoes follow the current “barefoot revolution” which believes that the healthiest shoes for your feet/body are those with the least padding, sole, support, etc. Basically, let your feet do what nature intended. I thought TOMS would make a great post-ride shoe – let the feet “breath” after being in tight cycling shoes for 4 hours.

TOMS shoes 2

I’ve been really happy with the shoes. They are insanely comfortable and are slightly less casual than wearing sandals or flip flops. In fact, they have become my “go-to” comfortable shoes for casual days in the office (which is any day that ends in “y”).

It’s also nice to spend the money with a company that is doing some good, as you can see from the video below.

4 responses to “TOMS shoes review – great post bike ride shoe

  1. You beat me to it! When I bought my Sanuks a few weeks ago I tried to get some Tom’s but they were int he midst of launching the new site (which is great). What a great business model.

  2. Tom is a local guy to. In college Rachel worked as an X-Ray tech at his dads orthopedic practice and apparently Tom took his trust fund and put it to good use. I admire that!

  3. the owners name isnt TOM, its blake mycoskie, TOMS is short for tomorrow,

  4. I really love what that are doing at Tom’s shoes. Thank god there are people to do this type of thing so others will follow the model.

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