A new kind of charity bicycle ride – cycling 100 miles indoors!


Fat Cyclist is organizing a very interesting charity ride – a 100 mile ride to nowhere. That’s right. This ride will raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, but instead of riding around the Hill Country outside of Austin, participant will ride 25, 50, or 100 miles from the comfort of their own garage/basement, etc.

This idea intrigues me for a couple reasons:

  1. I’m a big supporter of the LAF. In fact, I raised $12,000 for the LAF when I participated in the 2006 LiveStrong ride in Austin.
  2. I, like Fatty, have a set of Inside Ride E-Motion Rollers, which make something like this slightly less insane.
  3. I love an unusual, endurance, cycling challenge.
  4. There is lots of cool schwag, including a custom Twin Six T-shirt and a bottle of DZ-Nuts (which I love and think is the best chamois creme on the market, even if Kevin D. gave it a so-so review in his chamois creme showdown).
  5. I just add DirecTV put in the garage, so I could watch some of the Boob Tube while pedaling nowhere for 5 hours.

My butt might think otherwise, but I just might do this.

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