VO2-to-the-max Part 3: 25K Time Trial

Example screen shot (not my TT workout)

Example screen shot (not my TT workout)



Tonight was my official second day of testing. The test consisted of:

  • a blood draw
  • 10 minutes on the bike (with mouth tube, etc.) at 70% of my max from test 1 (240 watts)
  • another blood draw
  • 25K time trial on the Computrainer

The course they designed for the 25K (15.53 miles) TT was very hilly. In order to prevent test subjects from really “dialing it in” and pacing themselves, the course had lots of ups and downs. Nothing more than 4%, but the longest flat section was probably a 1 mile or so.

After getting a feel for the course, I guessed that I would average 23 mph for the effort. I wasn’t allowed to see my time or any of the “averages” data during the ride (again, to prevent pacing), but when I was done I finished in 40:30 (which is exactly 23 mph). On the last few hills I got out of the saddle to really hammer it, since I had a little left in the tank, and felt really good. The next time I take the TT test (which is in 2 weeks) I think I’ll try to attack all the small hills standing and then let me legs “clear out” on the downhills.

When the test is over in 6 weeks I’ll get the blood work and other data back, which will indicate my true lactate threshold, blood pH, and what % of my calories burned are fat versus carbs when I ride. So far, a very cool experience.


6 responses to “VO2-to-the-max Part 3: 25K Time Trial

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  3. And what about the effect of sprint on the tt?

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  5. Thank you for your posting on VO2 max.

    was really usefull. I wonder what your exact age is? really want to know if 172 bpm TT is above your red line or not.

    have a great 2010

    • I was 33 when I took the test. My threshold HR is ~175 bpms (which was my average HR in a recent 40K TT). My max HR is about 198 bpm

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