Arundel Bike’s A Monday In Hell

So my buddies at Arundel finally finished their Jorgen Leth tribute with A Monday In Hell.

Dave-O, the protagonist of the film and the namesake of the best bicycle bottle cage in the world, does some pretty impressive motorpacing in the film (as well as show off his ‘cross skills).

I get a big kick out of the film because most of it was filmed around my neighborhood and the country roads that I ride/train on – I think I spotted Old Weatherford Road, 377, Aledo Road, and Encanto?

For those of you curious about the “scooter” used for the motorpacing, that is known as a derny. A derny is basically a  motorized bicycle built specifically  for motor-paced track cycling events such as during six-day and Keirin racing or motor-paced road races. It is powered by a two-stroke engine and by pedaling through a fixed gear. The combination allows for smooth acceleration and slowing, important when Dave-O is riding an inch away from the derny’s rear wheel. A coupling between the motor and the back wheel ensures the derny will not stop dead if the motor seizes (also important when your following behind at 40 mph on a carbon fiber bicycle).

Dave-O Carbon Bottle Cage

Dave-O Carbon Bottle Cage

The guys at Arundel are big supporters of the Fort Worth cycling scene and just good guys. Additionally, they make some of the most kick ass accessories in the bike biz – including the best bottle cages in the business and the best saddle bag out there (for both clincher and tubie riders).

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