A-Rod did ‘roids? Time for the All-Drug Olympics


So Alex Rodriguez admitted to taking steroids during his stint with the Texas Rangers. I’m not surprised, I pretty much excepted it. However, I’m tired of talking about drugs in sports. As a cycling fan, I’m accustom to finding out that a favorite athlete’s performance was tainted by performance enhancing drugs. Cycling has the toughest testing program of any sport and the drugs themselves can have a huge impact on performance, so its natural (although unfortunate) that many professional cyclists are caught cheating.

SNL's All Drug Olympics Skit

SNL's All Drug Olympics Skit

The one thing that keeps a smile on my face whenever steroid/drug news breaks is the SNL sketch above. Click on the image for the video of the “All-Drug Olympics”. As obscene as the idea is, I think that’s basically what occurred in baseball for the better part of a decade.

Dennis, getting ready to lift now is Sergei Akmudov of the Soviet Union. His trainer has told me that he’s taken antibolic steroids, Novacaine, Nyquil, Darvon, and some sort of fish paralyzer. Also, I believe he’s had a few cocktails within the last hour or so.

Time to book a ticket to Bogota .  . .

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