Super Duds – One of the best Super Bowls ever and some of the worst Super Bowl commericals ever

In keeping with my tradition of reviewing Super Bowl commercials (as someone who has produced a couple  Super Bowl spots) I watched last night’s spots with great interest. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. This was the worst group of Super Bowl commercials in recent memory. Given the current economic troubles, I understand companies not wanting to spend a lot of money producing a spot. However, if you are paying $3 million for the airtime, make sure it’s something people will remember. In general, the commercials were uninspiring as a whole. I felt like I could have been watching NBC on any regular night of prime time – instead of watching the most anticipated block of programming of the entire year.

The only spot that really stood out for me was the commercial featuring Ed McMahon and MC Hammer (two celebrities that have had some serious financial problems). Cash4Gold typically runs very poorly produced spots in a direct-response manner (cheap airtime on cable networks, late nights, etc.) so I was surprised to see them during the big game. The only problem is, for a consumer totally unfamiliar with Cash4Gold, I could see how they would think that the entire spot was a parody. Monthly Visitors Monthly Visitors shows that had ~360,00 unique visitors in December. It will be interesting to check the data in a couple months and see how big a lift they receive from the Super Bowl.

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