OneSeason closes $3.5 million venture round and adds Ronnie Lott and James Hong to advisory board


OneSeason announcement on TechCrunch homepage

So it was officially announced today that closed a $3.5 million dollar round with Charles River Ventures. I’ve written about my involvement with OneSeason as an advisory board member before, so I’m not afraid to say that the team’s ability to close a venture round of this size, in this market/economy, is truly impressive.

OneSeason really is the “next generation” of fantasy sports games and brings an interesting dynamic that you just can’t get from a traditional fantasy league. The fact that the system uses real money forces participants to be “engaged” in the game.  It’s not hard to imagine a future where ESPN would show a player’s OneSeason price during a game or highlight and watch it rise or fall with a player’s performance.

With the addition of James Hong (founder of and Ronnie Lott (NFL hall of famer) to the advisry board – there is no lack of horsepower. Now it’s just a matter of digging in and executing. The next year should be pretty interesting.

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