Have $12 million to drop on Lance Armstrong’s hill country retreat?


Lance Armstrong’s 4,241-sq.ft. ranch house at Deadman’s Hole, sitting on 447 acres of Texas hill country in Dripping Springs, is on the market for $12 million. Probably not the best economy for trying to sell a $12 million weekend home, but if you’ve recently won the lottery . . .

SELLER: Lance Armstrong
LOCATION: Deadman’s Hole, Dripping Springs, TX
PRICE: $12,000,000
SIZE: 4,241 square feet, 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms (total)
DESCRIPTION: Spectacular resort like ranch with 447.8 acres. Ownership in Deadman’s Hole & 1886′ of Pedernales River frontage (per survey). Extensive clearing of underbrush, paved roads, beautiful grassy pastures & 7 miles of hike/bike trails. Fab 4bd, 4ba main house on hilltop w/ exquisite landscaping, neg. edge pool & firepit overlooking endless hill country views. Great 1bd/1ba guest house.

So let’s see. You get


gorgeous hill country views . . .


an architecturally-interesting, amazing 4bd/4ba main house (you also get a 1bd/1ba guest house for people you don’t really like) . . .


a gourmet kitchen . . .


7+ miles of your own private mountain bike trails . . .


ownership/access in Dead Man’s Hole. So whenever you need a break, you can take the 45 ft. plunge to clear your head.

All-in-all an amazing piece of property and further proof that Lance Armstrong has a pretty good life. Who knows, if you’re a cyclist like me, and you win the lottery, and you buy the place, maybe Lance will give you a lifetime discount at Mellow Johnny’s. Jess and I will see Lance in action when we go to the Tour de France this summer. Maybe if we hasn’t sold it by then I’ll see if he’s willing to give me a good deal 😉

One response to “Have $12 million to drop on Lance Armstrong’s hill country retreat?

  1. Deb and I were just talking about looking for a new place, since prices are so depressed. Maybe we should take a look. BTW – Have a great time at the TDF.

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