Mondays suck, but this montage of inspirational speeches from popular movies should help

Let’s face it, few people like Mondays. It’s kind of the “airlock” that equalizes the pressures between the fun of the weekend and the meat of the work week. We normally aren’t quite as sharp on Mondays and might need an extra cup of coffee to get through the day. However, I have something even better than caffeine . . . the video montage of inspirational speechs from various movies (40 different movies) above.

I’m a movie geek (I did grow up in a video store and worked at Blockbuster for several years) so I was able to name almost every movie in this clip – including Jean Claude Van Damme from Street Fighter (maybe one of the worst movies ever).

Bookmark this page in your favorites for whenever you need a little pick-me-up that can only be cured by hearing the “victory or death!” chant from The Last Starfigher or the clapping scene from Hoosiers.

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