Why do I love living in the South?

There are many reasons I like living below the Mason-Dixon Line, but  a big reason is the weather. I’m not a fan of cold weather. As a cyclist, I don’t really like cold weather or rainy weather (neither makes for fun bike rides). Say what you will about the “change of seasons” or the fun of the first snow fall. I like being able to wear short sleeves in December and not need to shovel out my driveway . . . ever. The amazing “car pinball” video above just confirms my love for warm weather.

3 responses to “Why do I love living in the South?

  1. Come on! No love for P-town? We know you miss it. Day after day of drizzle?

    That is a classic video. If there is a drop of snow or ice on the ground up here we are worthless. In our defense though, it is a wet snow and very hilly. And, I did “pinball” our tahoe down our cul-de-sac last winter and managed to only hit the curb several times and one bush. Accidents happen!

  2. You know Portland still has a special place in my heart. Actually, I think it’s funny that the footage is of Portland since really bad snow/ice there is pretty rare. It’s the same in Texas. The once every-other-year that we get bad snow/ice everyone has a brain fart and forgets how to drive. The craziest part of that video is knowing just how helpless those drivers must have felt – especially the one car that crashes about 5 times.

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