Just 1,000 miles to go


In August I set a goal to ride my bike, technically any of my bikes, 10,000 miles this year. This week I’ll surpass 9,000 miles – so it is looking pretty good. However, this is when it starts to get tough. There is less daylight now (impossible to get in a ride after work). The early mornings are much colder (I’ll soon be battling temps in the 30s if I leave to ride before 9 a.m.). Additionally, with the edition of Baby Lauren, I’ve lost my “bike room”. So my once cozy room designed for indoor training (complete with the bike already set-up, mat, TV with DirecTV and DVD player, box fan, etc.) in now gone. Instead, I now get to ride in the garage or move my rollers into the mudroom (with no TV and where the neighbors can watch me spin away in my spandex shorts through the sliding glass window).

This coupled with other factors has made me realize that I won’t be able to race in 2009. I just won’t have the time necessary to dedicate to structured training (or at least the structured training needed to be competitive). I’m still going to ride as much as I can, but my competitive spirit will need to be satisfied with setting PRs at local rallys and maybe I’ll do the Texas Time Trials this year. I’ll consider this one big “base” year and hopefully come out strong in 2010.

Who knows. I might even finally convert my single speed to a fixie and see what the fixed gear craze is all about.

2 responses to “Just 1,000 miles to go

  1. That is alot of miles. Looks like I might break 5,000 for the year. You do have to adapt when the family calls. The early darkness and cool temperature keeps me from being very aggressive with my riding schedule.

  2. I think that is the ultimate “scoreboard” when you put more miles on your bike than your car.

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