ThinkCash Halloween Video

Every quarter at ThinkCash we have a company “town hall” meeting. It’s a chance for senior management to discuss performance, future goals, the industry, etc. with all employees. It is also a chance for us to recognize outstanding performers and celebrate some of our successes. A few town halls ago I produced an opening, funny (or try to be funny) video to help break the ice. It went over really well and the video has become a bigger production with each iteration. The last one was a tribute to the 80s. This time the theme was easy. Town Hall is today, on Halloween, so a horror movie theme made sense.

Kevin and I worked on the script and then I directed and produced the video. This was the first time I actually put myself in one of our videos (no Oscar for me). The video is kind of a mash-up of The Office, Scary Movie and’s Phantom of the Office.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween.

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