Gallup Poll: Obama Now Has a 11 pt. Lead Over McCain

Oct. 11 Gallup Poll

Oct. 11 Gallup Poll

So I haven’t talked much about the presidential election. I liked Obama’s early use of social networking (although, his campaign sends way to many emails – definitely crosses into Spam territory). However, my true feelings about the election can be summed up in my comparison to The Simpsons – neither ticket really excites me, so I would say that I am the very popular “undecided” voter.

This brings up an issue I’ve often wondered. In the world today, where information is readily accessible via the Internet, news channels, etc. – how do polls actually influence voters? I have a theory. People like to be part of a winner. Whether it is their favorite sports team, the company they work for, etc. no one likes to knowingly jump on a losing team. So when a candidate takes an impressive lead in the polls (like Obama’s current 11 pts.) does that subconsciously influence “undecided” voters? If Obama wins the election by more than 11 pts. – then maybe it does. We’ll see . . .

One response to “Gallup Poll: Obama Now Has a 11 pt. Lead Over McCain

  1. Clearly the media influences votes (if it didn’t advertising wouldn’t work). And clearly the majority of the media is behind Obama.

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