Walking (or Stumbling) Down Memory Lane

Last night I found an amazing scrapbook my sister put together for me when I graduated high school. She’s amazingly creative (as is evidenced by the trailer interiors she designs for Circle M) and had different themes throughout the scrapbook. I won’t subject you to pictures of my questionable clothing choices or the mini-afro I sported in high school, but there was one little nugget I had forgotten about.

I’ve posted before about my love for writing, but what I didn’t mention is that I was the editor of the high school newspaper – Cougar Prints. Now there were a few perks to being the editor:

  1. Most of the girls that took newspaper (it was a class) were very cute
  2. I recruited some of my best guy friends to also join the class
  3. I got a press pass that got me into all sporting events for free
  4. I could basically leave any class and say that it was “newspaper business” without any hesitation
  5. I got two lunch periods (so that we could “interview” students at lunch)

But the best reason of all was that I got a column in each issue to write about whatever I wanted. My column was cleverly titled “Coop – There It Is!” as a tribute to the hit song Whoomp There it Is by Tag Team (a very popular song in 1993). I was actually very creative in high school – just ask anyone from my graduating class about my Dr. Seuss-inspired posters and speech for student government elections (my speech referenced a promise to a student that didn’t exist, but whom I convinced 50% of the faculty and student body that he did through references in the paper and the school loudspeaker).

So each month I had an outlet to unleash my somewhat twisted sense of humor on the world. Most of the columns were musings on the absurdities of life – kind of like a young Jerry Seinfeld. I think the scrapbook my sister created is the only remaining proof that those columns existed. Therefore, I’m going to put them up on the blog over time so that they can be preserved forever! I will also use the opportunity to make fun of myself and compare my sense of humor/thoughts now that I am a 32 year-old father of two and not a 17-18 year-old ball of raging hormones, teenage angst and sarcasm. Should be fun . . . stay tuned.

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