Bill Simmons – Best sports writer in the business

If you love sports, and you love pop culture, you need to read ESPN’s Bill Simmons (aka “The Sports Guy”). A great example of his writing is this column on predictions for the NFL season. How many writers can mix true sports knowledge, with a pop culture reference (I’ll admit that I watch MTV’s The Hills) and a guys’ weekend in Vegas?

I was a sports writer in college for a paper in my hometown of Lafayette, LA called The Daily Advertiser.The paper had a decent circulation (about 50,000) and it was a great experience. But as much as I love sports and writing, I quickly learned that journalism is a tough trade. The only way to “move-up” is to continue to take jobs with larger papers/publications. Very few guys ever make it to the “big time”. However, hard work pays off and one of my co-workers actually did make it – Pete McEntegart has a regular column on Sports Illustrated’s

So do I regret my career choices – no way. But if I were a sports writer today (in the world of online columns, podcasts and blogging) I would have little to offer – I would be a clone of Bill Simmons.

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