Rock Racing gets a huge win – Tyler Hamilton wins US Road Championship

Rock Racing's Tyler Hamilton sprints past Garmin-Chipotle's Blake Caldwell
Rock Racings Tyler Hamilton sprints past Garmin-Chipotle’s Blake Caldwell

Tyler Hamilton (now 37 years old) outsprinted Blake Caldwell of Garmin-Chipotle in an extremely close photo finish, taking the Stars-and-Stripes jersey by a tire’s width after 177 kilometers (~111 miles) of racing on Sunday. 

The photo above shows that Hamilton won by .002 seconds. That’s part of what I love about racing, you can duke it out for 4.5 hours, but it might come down to who works harder in the last second.

I’m happy for Rock Racing. Say what you will about the team’s owner, Michael Ball, and his tactics/antics, but you can’t argue that he is giving the business/marketing side of the sport a much needed transfusion (no pun intended). A great example is their line of city/event jerseys. They create a new jersey for each race that they do, specific to that city (i.e. “Austin Rocks” jerseyfor the AT&T Crits in Austin).

With regards to Tyler Hamilton, I’m happy for the guy. I don’t have the animosity towards Hamilton that a lot of American racing fans do – mostly because I got into the sport after he had already been suspended. But the guy served his suspension, clawed his way back and just got arguably one of the biggest wins of his career.  I would love to go to the Tour of California next year (I went in 2007 and had a blast) and see Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis riding for Rock Racing.

2 responses to “Rock Racing gets a huge win – Tyler Hamilton wins US Road Championship

  1. what do you think about hamilton now that he is again a “victim” of the system?

  2. Now I just mostly feel sad for the guy. Not sad because I think he is a “victim” of the system, but said because it appears that he is many bigger problems in his life.

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