Geaux Tigers


Our newest LSU fan

Our newest LSU fan

Lauren’s first LSU game was a success with the Tiger’s 41-13 win over App State. She doesn’t know the cheers yet like Grant, but she looks darn cure in LSU purple & gold.

One response to “Geaux Tigers

  1. ben,
    met michael donnon today. had seen him on linkedin, realized he worked with jon west and jon is now a great dm customer.

    looking at your profile on li, saw link to blog.

    checking it out noticed your “GEAUX TIGERS”. have 2 cousins at lsu and my louisiana roots run deep.

    here’s txt from my cousin said PRE-gustav…

    Evacuations being planned……. Gustav headed for LA…….. PMAC being prepared to help with medical emergencies…….and LSU Football is planned to start as scheduled. You gotta love Louisiana. Geaux Tigers.

    my passion — aunt nell’s cajun cooking and direct mail. would love to talk about dm (will also share recipes)

    Lauren is very cute!!

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