Usain Bolt – More amazing than you realize

So if you saw Jamaica’s Usain Bolt win the 200 meters final in the Olympics, you had to be impressed (as Kevin points out, his 100 meter performance was also impressive). But you probably don’t realize just how impressive the 200 meter performance really was. The New York Times shows Usain Bolt’s new world record, relative to the 250 greatest 200-meter sprints ever (see above).

The chart would indicate that Bolt’s record will stand for a long time, but sports has a funny way of bucking standard distributions.

3 responses to “Usain Bolt – More amazing than you realize

  1. If my calculations are correct, at least one of Bolt’s 100 meters in his 200 meter run was better than his world record 9.69 time. If you divide the 19.3 record by two, you get 9.65 for the first leg of the 200 meters and 9.65 for the second leg of the 200.

  2. Actually, at Bolt’s fastest point, he was running 12.2 M per second – which is 27.2 MPH!

  3. Ron, your a genius. When he was running his second 100 of the 200 he was already at full speed, which would of course make his second 100 faster than his world record of starting from set position. Come on’ man, that’s just common sense.

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