Wild West Weekend

Grant the cowboy

Grant the cowboy

 Grant spent this weekend in Dallas with his Pop and Granny June (my Parents). This was the first time that Jess and I had just Lauren (with no Grant) since she was born. It was nice to have some time to focus 100% of our attention and affections on Lauren. Jess and I often found ourselves looking at each other and asking the question, “Do you remember what is was like when we just had Grant.” I’ve quickly discovered in my 3.5 years of parenthood that as parents, we get a kind of selective amnesia – you can’t remember what your life was like before kids.

Baby Lauren

Baby Lauren

Lauren is truly a great baby (always happy) and a joy to be around.

The forecast called for rain, but luckily I was able to get in some long rides on Saturday and Sunday. My teammate, Ed, organized a great group ride on Saturday. We headed north towards Boyd, TX.  We had a couple sections where we took it up to “race pace” and then did a fun “pursuit” team game.  It was exactly the kind of ride I needed – long and with lots of intensity.

Sunday I went for a 70 mile solo ride. I left early so I could be home to take care of Lauren while Jess went to work out and run some errands. Then we headed to my folks house to get Grant, which is also when we got to hear all of the rodeo stories.

Grant with cousins - Jack and Hannah - ready for the rodeo

Grant with cousins - Jack and Hannah - ready for the rodeo

Saturday night Grant went to the Mesquite Rodeo with my folks and my Sister’s family – The Rosslers. The Rosslers own one of the top Platinum Coach and Outlaw Conversion horse trailer dealerships in the US – Circle M Trailers. Two of their employees were competing in the rodeo, so they had tickets for everyone, plus the kids got to go “backstage”.

Grant at the petting zoo

Grant and Hannah at the petting zoo

Grant’s favorite part was the petting zoo. Plus, he got to watch his cousin Jack compete in the mutton busting contest.

Jack getting geared up

Jack getting geared up

I haven’t seen the video yet, but apparently Jack had the most impressive ride of the night (despite the judges scoring) and came home with a trophy.

So even though we were spread-out all over the DFW Metroplex, the Cooper’s had a great weekend.

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