Goatneck Report – The Bet

On Saturday I rode in The Goatneck in Cleburne – one of my favorite rallies in the area. It is a 69.5 mile, hilly route that travels from Cleburne to Glen Rose, and back. One of my collegues at ThinkCash, Mike S., just started riding. Now when Mike isn’t setting-up Google campaigns for “emergency cash loan” or “installment loan” he’s asking me questions about bike training, equipment, etc. Mike joined us on one of our ThinkCash rides last week and did pretty good; however, he started to get cocky in one of our team meetings and thought that he could go much faster. Mike was riding the 42 mile route of the Goatneck on Saturday, so I came up with an idea. I bet Mike lunch (at Bonnell’s no less) that I could finished the 69.5 mile route before he finished the 42 mile route. As a caveat, the 42 mile group was scheduled to start 15 minutes later, so I would have a 15 minute head start. Mike did the quick math in his head – then took the bet.

Like most rallies in North Texas, the front of the Goatneck quickly become a faux-race and we were maintaining a pretty good pace. I had a few Moritz teammates there and it is always fun to ride with the boys. I did a little blocking for Scott when he went on a break, then went on a break myself. After mixing it up for a while I decided to hang in the pack. Around mile 50 I ran out of liquids (I started with 3 bottles). Saturday was Jess’s B-Day, so I didn’t want to get totally dehydrated and be worthless for the rest of the day. As a result, I split off from the group at the 56 mile rest area to fill-up my bottles. I figured I could still catch Mike – and I was right. About 10 miles from the finish I saw him on the horizon. The rich, green hue of the ThinkCash kit never looked so good. As I passed Mike I only said one thing, “you’re buying me steak!”.

I finished in under 3 hours with an average speed of 23.4 mph, which I’m pretty happy with considering I was riding solo for the last 14 miles.  I finished The Goatneck last year averaging 21.2 mph – so a big improvement.

Mike was a good sport this morning and truthfully it is just an accomplishment to finish 42 miles for someone as new to the sport as he is. He’s already asking about the next rally in the area. I think he’s hooked 😉

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