Single Speed Love

A couple weeks ago I decided to add a single speed (SS) to my bike arsenal. I found a great bike at Performance Bike on sale – a Schwinn Madison. Then the guys at Colonel’s hooked by up with a new bar and stem, plus the finishing touch – some white Arundel Gecko bar tape.

Today I took it for it’s longest ride yet – 65 miles and I had a blast. There is something liberating about riding with one gear. Some of the hills aren’t fun, but I’m running 48×18, so there isn’t anything that’s impossible to “muscle over”. Who knows, maybe I’ll take the SS for the next ThinkCash after work ride.

UPDATE – SEPT 2008. I’ve made a few changes to my SS.

11 responses to “Single Speed Love

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  2. I suppose Sully has duly informed you that 42×17 is “regulation” SS gearing.

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  4. I’m a glutton for punishment, right now I’m running 48×18

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  6. I was the one who had Performance order the Madison. They ordered me one, and ordered one for the store, I bet you got that very bike.

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  10. I just recently got a Canondale Capo single speed freewheel. I love it to pieces. In about 3 weeks i’ve put over 100 miles on it easy. And i’m up in north jersey on the cliffs that look over manhattan. Some of those hills are crazy but do-able if you got enough leg.

  11. Very cool bike & it’s a great color as well.

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