Favorite Rides – Cresson Loop

Cresson Loop

I thought I would leave everyone with another “Favorite Ride” before the long weekend. I call this one the Cresson Loop. My teammates Brian and Art took me on this route for the first time a few weeks ago and it is a great ride. The ride is 76-80 miles and is deceptively hilly. You’re in for almost 4,000 ft. of climbing on this route. You basically head out through Lake Benbrook, go down 1187 to Winscott Plover road (this section of 1187 actually has a really wide shoulder). When you get to Cresson there is a gas station (perfect place to refuel and top off bottles) then you head down 171 (Cleburne Highway) all the way to Weatherford before taking a combination of back roads and the I-20/I-30 service road back to Fort Worth. Ride Safe!

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