Team Bear Naked – Viral Marketing

Team Bear Naked

I got an interesting email today from Bear Naked.  Bear Naked is a great line of granola products (I’m partial to the Heavenly Chocolate and Peanut Butter mix) that has always catered to the outdoor enthusiast/athlete. They’ve started a program where they essentially sponsor runners and triathletes. What’s the benefit to the athlete?

  • Discounted or free Bear Naked products
  • Cash bonuses for generating media or assisting with local events
  • Complimentary Bear Naked-branded performance apparel

They are only going to select 100 applicants, but can you imagine how powerful those 100 “brand evangelists” will be. They know the target demo better than anyone because they are part of that demo and, most likely, an influencer within that group.

As an avid cyclist, I’m surprised that more cycling-related companies don’t do something similar. Cyclists love to talk about training, equipment, etc. – ad naseum. Why not give them more reason to talk about your brand than by making them part of your “team”?

One response to “Team Bear Naked – Viral Marketing

  1. This is a phenomenal idea — putting 100 (or 1000) influencers in local communities is way more powerful than sponsoring a handful of elite athletes. And probably more cost effective too!

    I wonder if there’s a business to be had around building these sorts of programs for companies.

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