Favorite Rides – McDaniel/Kelly Loop

McDaniel-Kelly Loop

So as more and more folks here at ThinkCash get into cycling, I get a lot of questions as the resident “expert” (if you can call a Cat 4 an “expert”). One of the most common questions I get is “where can I ride” or “what’s a good route to ride”. So I’ll start a regular feature by posting some of my favorite Fort Worth area rides. Most of these rides will start from the Trinity Trail at Rogers Rd. (just off University, near Colonial Country Club).

The first ride is the McDaniel/Kelly Loop. This is a 45 mile ride that will take you out to Lake Benbrook (utilizing the Trinity Trail). You will then exit the park and head towards Aledo via McDaniel and Kelly roads (both low-traffic, country roads), before heading back to Fort Worth via Aledo Rd. and Chapin Rd. This is a great route that guarantees you’ll encounter other cyclists along the way.

McDaniel Rd. and Kelly Rd. are deceptively hilly Рthe 45 mile route has almost 2,500 ft. of climbing (see elevation profile above).

3 responses to “Favorite Rides – McDaniel/Kelly Loop

  1. You forgot the part about tasting your lunch again as you pull into Kevin’s driveway…

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