Evolution of arcade games . . . ThinkCash party

Fun at Main Event

This past weekend we had our ThinkCash summer party at Main Event in Fort Worth. We basically had the run of the place for 4 hours and had unlimited bowling, video games, laser tag, etc. Grant had fun bowling with his friends Abby and Allie (Kevin D’s kiddos). However, he and I really had fun playing the video games. We played truck driver, jet ski, fireman, and airplane simulator as you can see above. When I was Grant’s age the top arcade game was Asteroids. The game you see us playing above was a commercial airline simulator and the realism of the game was pretty incredible – games have come a long way in 30 years.

But of all the games we played, Grant’s favorite was also the simplest game. The game was a glass box with a handle that stuck out, connected to a net. Inside the box was a honey pot and a bunch of “bee” balls. When the game started a fan blew the bees and they “buzzed” around the box. The goal was to catch as many bees as possible with the net and pour them into the honey pot. Grant loved it. Goes to show that in gaming the best technology, graphics, etc. don’t always translate into the most fun.  It’s a good analogy for our business at ThinkCash. We can have the best looking website, TV spots, etc., but if we can’t truly help customers with their emergency cash needs and provide great customer service, then it doesn’t matter. I’d rather be the “honey bee” anyday.

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