Sansom Park

Sansom Park

Sunday I did something a little different. I took my ‘cross bike and rode up the Trinity Trail to Sansom Park. Sansom Park has a mountain bike trail system maintained by the Fort Worth Mountain Bikers Association (FWMBA). I don’t even own a mountain bike anymore (my chronic shoulder injury makes regular mountain biking tough) so I’ve never been to Sansom. I decided it would be fun to try one of the easy loops on my ‘cross bike (plus it would serve as a good test to see if my shoulder could hold up to some regular MTB riding/racing).

I discovered one thing. Riding any mountain bike trail on a rigid bike (particularly one with drop bars and 32c tires) isn’t that much fun. I only did the green loop, but it was enough to “quench” my “thirst” for some MTB racing right now . . . my shoulder just doesn’t have the stability to handle it.

However, Sansom is a great trail (much hillier than you would expect) and the FWMBA does a great job maintaining it – definitely worth a visit.

One response to “Sansom Park

  1. this trail is really hard but its a fun ride. i would recommend you go with someone who knows the trail because we rode it backwards first and then rode it the right way it was alot of fun… really rocky

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