Blockbuster Museum

Blockbuster sign of the times

I’m very familiar with Blockbuster. I was part of the team that launched Blockbuster Online and I ran marketing for that business for several years. Additionally, I worked at a Blockbuster store off-and-on through high school and college (I still know how to work the POS terminal), so this great faux news story by The Onion on a Blockbuster Museum is both hilarious and sad for me.

It is pretty astonishing how quickly the business model has become archaic. It makes me think of the old Chrysler spots featuring Lee Iaccoca where he says you either “lead, follow, or get out of the way.” However, with the speed-of-business in today’s world, you only have a split second to decide if you are going to lead or follow. The same is true in cycling. If someone jumps, you have less than a second to respond and try to follow their wheel (so you can ride in the protection of their slipstream) otherwise you are off the back and your race is over. Blockbuster’s race is over (the Circuit City merger would do little to help them compete in the “new world” of media consumption).

One response to “Blockbuster Museum

  1. Awesome — complete with Japanese tourists.

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