Larry Bird should never rap, Tony Romo should never sing

So there was a period of time in the late 80’s and early 90’s where every ad exec, TV writer, etc. thought it was a good idea to have non-rappers rap. Rapping is a skill, just like shooting 3 pointers and acting – not everyone can, or should, do it. This old Converse commercial is Exhibit A. This spot features some of the best players in the history of the NBA, but none of them can rap. I just can’t imagine a situation where a group of folks for Converse (and whatever agency they used) sat in a room reviewing the rough cuts of this spot and thought “Wow, this turned out really good.” But you could ask the same question about Jason Kidd and his questionable rap effort and hopefully the person that came up with the idea for Baseball Boogie is now in a Mexican jail.

On a related note, Tony Romo should never sing

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