Stop the “Meeting Madness”


Seth Godin has a great post on his blog today about meetings and how unproductive they can be. Luckily at ThinkCash we find ways to help consumers with emergency cash needs without having 10 meetings a day. I’ve worked at some companies in my prior lives where nothing could get done without a slew of meetings (often with more than 10 people). Here are my observations on meetings:

  • When you have more than 3 meetings per day, it’s amazing how unproductive you become
  • If there are more than 10 people in a meeting, that’s not a meeting, it’s a Town Hall
  • Meetings without an agenda going in rarely have any action items coming out

As a side note, I’ve had some of my best work-related-meetings “on the bike”. When Kevin and I ride together we’ll often talk about work issues. It’s amazing how clear and focused your thinking becomes when you’re discussing issues while cruising at 20 mph in the fresh air. Now that several of us are riding together every Tueday I’m predicting that we’ll see an improvement in company productivity 😉

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