Weekend Rides

Hill repeats

I had a great weekend of riding.

Friday I pulled Grant in his trailer on my cyclocross bike. Grant hasn’t ridden with me in months (even though I ask him to come almost every day), but I convinced him to come Friday after work and we had a great time. We rode up and down the Trinity Trail. We looked for bats under every bridge (he’s convinced every bridge has bats living under it like the Congress Ave. bridge in Austin) and we tried to “catch the train” whenever we heard the whistle blow. I also realized how much Grant is growing. When we was 18 months, pulling his trailer was no big deal. However, now that he is 3 (and probably 35 pounds) it makes for more of a workout up the hills.

Saturday I did 78 miles with Kevin. We rode out to, and around, Lake Weatherford and then came back via Aledo and Lake Benbrook. The weather was perfect and we managed a slightly-less-than-tempo pace for most of the ride. Kevin’s gotten much stronger in the last few months (I’m sure his sweet new bike helps) and we’re able to cover a lot more ground when we ride together now. I finished with a TSS of 260 for the ride, so a solid workout.

On Sunday it was raining. So I stayed in and played with Grant all day (we also watched the NFL Draft). But in the afternoon it cleared up so I headed out for a couple hours of hill repeats. There is a great hill in the new Edwards Ranch development they’re building in Fort Worth. I knocked off two sets of 10 hill repeats and then did some tempo riding for an hour.

My legs are starting to feel pretty good again, so I might try and race at the Wed. Crit this week if everything works out.

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