Budding Entrepreneur


The pic above is of Grant (on the right) with his cousins at the Zoo this week. Grant’s been great since Lauren was born and he’s really enjoyed all the company we’ve had come visit.  Jess’s Grandma (so Grant’s Great Grandma) has been staying with us for the last week or so. I went home for lunch today (one of the perks of living 5 minutes from the ThinkCash HQ) and Grant was playing with GG (his Great Grandma) in Lauren’s room. Lauren’s room has a garden theme with a flower rug, tree painted on the wall, etc. Grant was excited to see me and tell me about the game they were playing – Flower Pickers. According to Grant, here is how you play:

  • You pick flowers
  • Then you put the flowers in a refrigerated truck
  • Then you drive them to a store where people can buy them with “cash money”

So, I know I’m biased (as most parents are with their own kids), but Grant just turned 3 and he has already figured-out how commerce works in a free market economy.

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