Back in the saddle again

toilet bike

So I finally got my bike back on Tuesday. It’s been 2.5 weeks since my crash at Mineral Wells and I’ve been riding my cyclocross bike while waiting for my new frame to come in. Luckily Kuota has a 50% off crash replacement policy and I only had to buy a new frame (amazingly everything else was salvageable except my front wheel).

The good folks at FWCycling got my bike put together ASAP so I could take it for a ride on Tuesday afternoon as part of the first ever ThinkCash Tuesday Night Tour. We now have about 7 guys at work who ride, so we decided it was time to start a weekly ride. We rolled out of the office at 5 and headed out to Lake Benbrook and back. I felt like the “protected” yellow jersey wearer in the Tour de France since I had on my blue Moritz kit and was surrounded by riders in green ThinkCash kits.

It felt good to be on my road bike again and to have my PowerTap back. Riding my cross bike for the last couple weeks made me realize what a valuable training tool my PowerTap can be. Since I haven’t done any intervals or high-intensity work since my crash, I’m no where near race-ready right now, which is disappointing because I had really good form heading into Mineral Wells/Fort Davis. If nothing else, I’ll have the opportunity now to build a big base this summer and peak for cross season 😉


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